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A Montessori approach to toilet training

A Montessori Approach to Toilet Training - MontessoriBloggersNetwork.com

Is your child ready to use the potty or toilet? With summer around the corner I’m getting more questions in class about toilet training and if I have any Montessori tips. So today, here is the approach I prefer when your child is showing interest in using the toilet. “Learning to use…

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15 Tips For Traveling With Kids The Montessori Way

15 Tips For Traveling With Kids The Montessori Way - MontessoriBloggersNetwork.com

Today I want to share some tips for traveling with children, particularly those that best fit the Montessori philosophy. In this collection there are ideas to suit different ages, so I’m sure you will find something interesting; if you are planning to travel with kids keep reading! Before the trip It’s a…

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